Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Name in Lights on Broadway

My famous comic book artist friend (and The Black Tower cover artist), Jason Badower, did yet another Heroes online graphic novel, which was published to the Internet last Tuesday (click HERE). Jason tries very hard to put out his absolute best work on these webcomics -- even when he's sick as a dog -- and this issue was no exception. The poor boy was practically on Death's door while toiling away at his computer, trying to have it done on NBC's deadline.

As an added bonus, Jason managed to slip in several shout-outs in this issue, which are like semi-secret "Hey, wassup? Love you!" messages to family, friends and fans. What a thrill it was to see my name in one of the pages.

Did you spot me?
I'll give you a hint: right-hand side.

Jason's been a long-time supporter of The Black Tower, so I fully intend to return the shout-out to him in the next issue of my webcomic. When that will be, exactly, I don't know. Hopefully around October/November, but with the economy the way it is, I may not have the sponsorship money to put out Issue #2 until early 2010. Sorry, gang. I know you're all anxious to read the next issue, if the hundreds of fan emails I get are any indication, and I sincerely appreciate your patience and your support!

The Pros & Cons of Cons

I love sci-fi/fantasy conventions. I don't get to attend as many as I'd like to but at least, with the Internet, I'm able to read about the adventures my friends and colleagues had at various cons this year.

Heroes online graphic novel artist, Jason Badower, talks about his turn as a guest (in between drinking binges) at SDComicCon 2007 HERE. Stargate: Atlantis writer/producer, Joe Mallozzi, shares his experience at Anime Evolution 2007 HERE and Timeless Destinations 2007 HERE. Actor/writer, Wil Wheaton, and a few of his readers, discuss their sometimes not-so-pleasant experiences at various cons over the years HERE, and while I join Wil and friends in criticizing how Creation Entertainment does business with fans and guests, I did get the warm and fuzzies watching THIS 50 min taping of Joss Whedon on stage talking with fans at SDComicCon 2007. You can definitely feel the love!

I've also been asked to appear as a guest at a few cons over the years, to promote various projects, and I have a rule that I make very clear to con promoters before I sign up. No barriers! I don't even want a table separating me from the fans. Take all the pictures you want, I'll sign anything -- no charge (unless you want to donate a buck or two to charity). These conventions are supposed to be about sharing in a love & passion for something (TV show, comics, video games etc.). A big party to celebrate and laugh and make new friends. We all absolutely must give back to the fans, to thank them for their continuing support of our work. Because, without them, those of us who work in show business would have no careers.